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President, SAGO Building Management, LLC.

Ken Hung Nguyen has over 25 years of electrical project engineering experience and has the reputation of being a reliable senior electrical engineer leader. Mr. Nguyen has designed many building projects for the U.S government, the Navy, Air force, Smithsonian institute, hotels, commercial buildings as well as around 50 mission critical institutes and data centers.

Mr. Nguyen has also experienced serving as a project Engineer/Manager and as a consultant for both small and big companies such as GE, (General Electric), GNM, Ewing Cole and EDG Inc., etc. During his time at GE, Nguyen has recognized Best Performance for Project engineer in both year 2001 and 2002. Also while working with GE, Nguyen was certified as an ISO 9000 Internal Auditor as well as six Sigma Green Belt Project engineer.

With his vast experience in most types of buildings, Mr. Nguyen founded and owns a small minority (MBE / DBE / SBE / ADCBE / MDOT certified) design/build company named SAGO Building Management LLC., which carries out MEP designs and maintains projects for residential, commercial, and government buildings. SAGO has been a very professional and fully-functional minority company for almost 17 years and still carries great potential in the contracting industry.

SAGO has numerous scopes of work in the construction and maintenance field including large and small scale, commercial and institutional building through various construction partnerships.

Since 2003 SAGO serves their community by offering technical programs “pro bono” to minority and disadvantaged workers. They receive thorough instruction, hands-on training, certification and employment placement.

Mr. Nguyen works extremely hard, but on his free time he is a music enthusiast, enjoys playing a lot of outdoor sports, and spending time with his two sons and daughter. You can also find Mr. Nguyen spending time in one of the many free Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C.

Featured in 13th Annual Minorities in Business Awards 2014

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